Life with Purpose

Life with Purpose

June 27, 2018

Today, we’re continuing our blogger interview series with none other than the effortlessly chic and gracefully spoken, Danielle Pastor Touchet of Her kind-hearted, inspirational approach to life and to lifestyle blogging has encouraged so many women to pursue their dreams. Her daily post has taught us how to pursue life with no limits, all while using the language of fashion! She has found a way to pursue her dreams in lifestyle blogging, but all along the way, she lives life fully, intentionally, boldly and in a way all her own. So of course, we couldn’t wait to interview her to get the behind the scenes of just how she does it.



We really love the unique perspective you bring to the fashion world and the deeper meaning behind each of your post? Could you tell us a little bit more about your blog and its name?

When I was looking into starting a lifestyle blog, I really wanted my name to have a deeper meaning. I soon deeply felt it should be called "Life with Purpose." I’ve always had a passion for fashion and taking pictures since I was young, but I also had this deeper burning passion to encourage and empower others. I really wanted to combine the two, but didn't really know what that would look like. Working at a clothing boutique opened up my eyes to see the bigger picture. I saw so many women walking in insecurity, and it gave me an even bigger desire to do something. I started to use my opportunity that I had dressing women, to also encourage them and reassure them how beautiful they are, inside and out. Long story short, clothes, makeup and outer things are fun; but at the end of the day, what’s really important is our hearts and how we see ourselves and others. I want everyone to know that they are loved, that they have a voice and a purpose they were created for. I want everyone to walk in boldness, sharing their story and light with the world. I want to create an outlet for more than just fashion, but of sisterhood. Blogging should be about women empowering women, living a life of purpose together.


When I first met you, I was surprised to hear that you just moved to Florida. Where are you originally from and what made you want to move to Florida?

I am originally from Lafayette, Louisiana. I moved to Naples, Florida with my husband of 4 years back in August of 2017. I’ve always had a desire to live in Florida since I was little. My husband was so not for it the three years we were married, til out of nowhere, he felt like we were being called to Florida. His words were “I feel like there is nothing left here for us, and I am ready to take a risk in life”. When we moved, I didn't have a job and he had a part-time job lined up. We stepped out in faith, trusting that God would make a way. Now here we are, both working full-time jobs while pursuing our passion on the side. It didn’t take long to feel like we were at home in Naples. We are loving Florida and have no regrets!


What is something that you didn’t realize about starting a blog, but have learned about growing your brand?

I’ve learned to celebrate my uniqueness and stop comparing myself or pictures to others. We all have something different about us and that’s what makes us special. Don’t let fear hold you back from being yourself.


What is one piece of advice you would have given to your younger self?

Don’t be afraid to embrace the real you for fear of what others may think. Be bold. Speak up. Embrace your own, unique calling and purpose.


Who is someone that has always been a fashion inspiration for you? Or someone you felt that has always matched your taste in style?

I’ve always felt Rosie Huntington and Jennifer Lopez matched my taste in style. I love that their go-to pieces are midi dresses, skirts with a classy top and heels. Also, most of my wardrobe is neutrals and pink, which is a neutral in my eyes. lol


If you could describe your style in one sentence, what would it be?

I would describe my style as classy, bold and sophisticated.


What is one fun fact that people would be surprised to know about you?

You can always find me laughing at myself.


We’re always interested in what pieces bring the best qualities out of women and makes them feel their best self. What piece in your closet has always been your tonic? Or do you have a piece that you’ve kept for years and will never give away?

I feel like I could never own enough white blouses or dresses. Dressy or casual, I think everyone looks good in white! Also, I can’t live without my simple nude heels, they go with everything!


What Coutonic piece did you feel most drawn to and why?

I felt most drawn to the "Magenta Tailored Tube Top" because of its uniqueness and boldness.


So before I let you go, is there anything exciting you’ve been up to that the Coutonic readers should know about?

I just purchased my first camera and I am excited to start doing more outfit ideas for you guys! I’m also working on posting more empowering messages and quotes.


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